We Grow Good Dates!

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Experienced and Dedicated Date Farmers

Are you looking for a date farm? Search no further than Sam Cobb Farms in Sky Valley, CA. Led by our owner Mr. Sam Cobb and his wife Maxine, we are adept at planting, growing and harvesting different kinds of dates. We have more than 47 years of agricultural knowledge and experience, so you can trust us to provide you with nothing but delicious dates each time you purchase from our farm.

Date Varieties We Grow and Offer

Sam Cobb Planting his very first date palm in 2003

Drop By Our Date Farm Today!

Our date farm is committed to providing you with pesticide-free dates at affordable prices. Since 2002, countless visitors have come to our date farm to see the trees we have passionately planted and purchase the fruits of our labor. Drop by our date farm and see and photograph the trees for yourself.  You can also buy our tasty and moist dates from our online store. Call us to learn more about our date farm.

Sam Cobb Farms

Sam and Maxine Cobb