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The Experts in Date Farming

Come to our farm!  Get local and fresh dates from Sam Cobb Farms in Sky Valley, CA. You will absolutely love the wide variety of dates we offer at the farm. We are knowledgeable about date farming, so you can expect us to provide you with some of the best tasting dates in town. Whether you love Medjool dates or want to try our very own Black Gold dates, you can count on us to have all of your date cravings covered.

Are you a date lover? Then you will definitely enjoy the dates at Sam Cobb Farms!  Come to the farm. You can take a photo tour of how we produce a crop, walk among the peaceful palms and be amazed as we share fun facts about the trees and your favorite fruit. The best thing is that you can go home with flavorful dates, fresh from our farm. Visit us each weekend during our season (October until mid-April). You may even meet the real Sam Cobb himself! Contact us using the number listed on this website for more information about our date farm.

Come see the Date Farm October through april!

Profile Author: Sally Hedberg

Profile: By Sally Hedberg

A Passion for Dates

Sam Cobb’s ‘Black Gold’

After following the marked signs along Dillon Road to Sam Cobb Farms in Sky Valley, I not only discovered the freshest and most delicious dates, but I became fascinated with Sam Cobb’s passion for and knowledge of date farming.

“I was three years old when I saw my first tractor from my parent’s porch in Fresno, CA. From that moment on, I wanted to be a farmer. My favorite TV show has always been “Green Acres", I totally identify with the Opening Theme Song,” recounts Sam.

He started by obtaining two Agricultural degrees at Fresno State University in the 1980s. During this time, he met and fell in love with Maxine. He only had one prerequisite for marriage. “Would she be willing to be a farmer’s wife?” Her answer was yes, and they began farming vegetables in Fresno.

Times were tough for farmers then, so when he was offered a job in 1989 with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture based in Hanford, CA he took it.  By 1996 he had been offered a position in Indio and he moved his family to La Quinta. Through his job in Soil Conservation, Cobb visited many date farms and started pondering the possibility of cultivating dates.

In 2002, the opportunity came to buy five acres of land in Sky Valley. Sam and Maxine decided to invest in their own date farm by planting date trees. They realized the process would take years and that they would both still need to continue in their day jobs. Maxine is a fifth-grade teacher at LB Johnson Elementary School in Indio.

Sam’s education, research, years of experience, business skills, and careful long-term planning made his dream possible. Ten years later, the Cobbs are realizied their first truly exceptional crop of dates. As Sam walked me through the 300 trees, consisting of seven different varieties, he spoke passionately about his dates.

Here’s what I learned: Date trees grow from suckers and seeds. There are female trees which must be pollinated by the male trees. Sam’s farm has a ratio of 30 females to 1 male. If a sucker is planted then, he knows for sure what variety of dates will be produced. It’s like cloning. If grown from a seed, no one is sure who’s the daddy, and therefore one can’t be sure what variety will be produced. The dates must be covered with bags while maturing to keep away the birds. Date trees take 14 years to mature but live for 150 years. A healthy tree never stops producing. It’s a generational crop, and Cobb hopes his kids and their kids will continue the tradition of date farming.

I sampled each one of his seven varieties, three of which have Sam’s trademark. They are Safari, Black Gold, and Candi. These aren’t available anywhere else in the world and have distinct flavors. Safari chews like a cookie and has a nutty taste, Candi has a caramel aspect, and Black Gold, Sam’s favorite, has the taste of caramel and chocolate, with hints of dark cherry, burgundy and more, its indescribably good! Sam quipped, “I don’t grow anything I dislike.”

The farm starts harvesting the popular Medjool in late September or October, and the rest, including the Barhi and Zahidi, are all picked by January. Dates can last for a long time depending on the care. All Cobb’s dates are fresh and grown pesticide-free.

Maxine and Sam are at their stand on weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., October through mid-April. They will mail dates, too. For more information, go to samcobbfarms.com or call (760) 861-1664. The farm is located at 22-325 Henry Rd., Sky Valley, 92241. If using a GPS, put in Desert Hot Springs as the city. Make the trip and be in for a treat.

Sam Cobb Farms

Sam and Maxine Cobb